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January 20 event has been canceled.

We are happily accepting proposal submissions for April

Soup dates are January 20, April 20, June 20 and October 19

How This Works

Everyone has great ideas. The hard part is coming up with the seed money to make it work

There are basically two rules :

  • Presenters cannot use technology to present their ideas

  • The idea has to be about the Ephrata/Cocalico area

People from the community are encouraged to submit an application for a project that impacts the community like funding a school field trip, starting a new business, planting trees, opening a gallery, etc.  The Soup Group will choose 4 presenters from the applicants to present at each event.  If you do not get chosen in the first round, please submit again.  The Group will not keep applications after each event is over. And once you have won, you cannot submit another proposal.

Each presenter will have four minutes to pitch their idea to those in attendance.  Then each presenter will field four questions from the audience.  All in attendance will be invited to eat and discuss which idea they think should win the money.  

For the January 20 event, food will be supplied by area restaurants, caterers and other food purveyors.  After January 20, those attending will be asked to bring something to share, like soup, bread, a salad or dessert,  creating a community potluck.

A suggested $5 donation for each person will be collected at the door.  This will be the money that the winner will receive at the end of the night to fund their idea.  

During the meal, those in attendance should discuss, ask questions and decide who should receive the money.  Attendees can then vote after the meal and votes will be tallied.




After the votes are tallied the winner will receive the money. The winner is encouraged to return to the Northern Lancaster Soup to keep the community updated on the progress of their idea.  


Soup is not a TV show.  It is not to embarrass, exploit or profit.  It is a community dinner that is built to uplift, empower and find stories of amazing individuals who are thinking critically about their community.  

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